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Who We Serve?

R&D Decision Makers

We provide R&D decision makers with access to accurate, connected data so they can quickly understand important technology trends, identify the competitive threats, uncover partnership opportunities, and decide the direction of innovation.

New Product Innovation Leader

We help Innovation teams discover the emerging technology areas, evaluate technological maturity, validate new ideas, and find the gaps in the market!

Technology Research Analysts

We accelerate the research process for Technology Research Analysts through automated analysis of millions of global data points, including patent and non-patent literature. Discovery provides users with a 360-degree view of the competitive and technology landscape in an instant!

Business Development Professionals

We help Business Development teams identify startups and new entrants with disruptive technologies, and track the activities of industry leaders, academic research institutions, and domain experts. Equipped with these insights, BD teams can make informed decisions about which companies to collaborate with.

Why Discovery?

Technology Intelligence Data Foundation

Technology Intelligence Data Foundation

Discovery brings company, patent, literature, investment, M&A, news, and research funding together in one platform. Powered by AI and machine learning, the platform is continually updated with the latest global data points.These connected insights provide a meaningful foundation for you to analyze and make sense of market trends, disruptive technology, the competitive landscape, and more.
Technology Classification and Company Innovation Indicators

Technology Classification and Company Innovation Indicators

With our technology classification and ranking system, we help you quickly understand a company's R&D strategy through patent portfolio and technology roadmap visualizations. This data empowers you to measure a company’s innovation capability, technical influence, innovation originality, scale, and stability.
AI-powered Competitive Intelligence Radar

AI-powered Competitive Intelligence Radar

With our 24/7, AI-powered data processing pipeline, we automate the competitor monitoring process so you don’t miss important insights that could impact your innovation strategy.

How We Help?

From Discovery to Decision-making in 3 Steps


What’s happening in my interested technology area?

Scan the macro environment to:
Understand technology trend and investment trend Evaluate existing technologies Overview the competitive landscape Identify emerging technology, and related startups, and new entrants
What’s happening  in my interested technology area?

What is the impact to me?

Analyze the information and extract insights to:
Identify and validate new market opportunities Evaluate what technology to apply Lock-in key competitors and evaluate their R&D strength and weakness Evaluate collaboration opportunities
What is the impact to me?
Make a Decision!

What's my next action?

Determine Innovation Strategy to:
Prioritize R&D projects Monitor competitors and disruptors Make Investment & Acquisition Build up external partnerships
What's my next action?